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Why the keys to Parcel Forum can be found at Booth 110

Package shippers of all types will be coming to Parcel Forum In Chicago on October 10. Many will be heading to Booth 110 to find out exactly where their customers are.

Location, location, location. The well-known real estate mantra has found new meaning within the package delivery industry that is meeting October 10 in Chicago at Parcel Forum. With customer demand and expectations rising simultaneously, the delivery operations that are succeeding are the ones that use the best location data and routing systems to reach their customers. Knowing precisely where those customers are is the key to reaching them quickly, and that is something that Beans.ai excels at.

"Everything is moving to the customer’s front door, and we knew right away that it would all come down to data” says Beans.ai’s CEO Nitin Gupta. “We invested heavily in the geocoding needed to reach every customer, even if they live in apartment complexes that Apple and Google Maps don’t cover. We’ve collected the microdata needed to reach those front doors efficiently.”

Here is a result that we're quite proud of: First responders from thirty municipalities in the United States now rely on Beans.ai location data when they have to reach people at risk as quickly as possible.

Entrances, landmarks and delivery infrastructure is included in location data

Semantic waypoints including entrances, parking, delivery infrastructure and landmarks can be included in Beans location data

Precise customer location geocoding is a great start. Here is a quick rundown of some of the other features that we will have on display at Parcel Forum:

  • AI powered dynamic route optimization. Beans.ai is the parent company of Beans Route, a popular and fast growing delivery platform used by FedEx, OnTrac and other large scale services. They rely on our AI powered routing algorithms to improve delivery times and cut their mileage related expenses. This same technology will be on display, ready to help delivery operations of all sizes and types.
  • Assisted dispatch. We can quickly determine which driver, which vehicle is best situated to get the package to the customer first.
  • Scheduling and time sheets. We will assist you with your back office functions as well. Schedule your drivers to make the best use of everyone without overworking anyone. Automatically record their hours in our timesheet system for payroll and other purposes.
  • Safety and telematics. We can integrate with advanced telematics systems to track the driver's safety habits and to recommend the proper training for any issues detected.
  • Customer notifications. Just like Uber and Lyft, our system allows you to keep the customer updated with the progress of their delivery.
  • Proof of delivery. When customers do make inquiries, you'll have a system to review that has a record of properly delivered packages.

We'd be happy to see you at Booth 110. Please stop by to tell us a bit about your delivery operations and let's talk about the emerging technologies that could be real game changers for your customers.

Feel free to send us a quick note here if you'd like to reserve a time or if you have a special question that you'd like to discuss.








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